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Importation of Funds to Thailand

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Individuals in transit may normally bring foreign currency and negotiable instruments into Thailand without limit. They may also freely take out of the country all foreign currency they had brought in, without limit.


There is no restriction on the import of foreign currency such as investment funds, offshore loans, etc. Such foreign currency, however, must be sold or exchanged into Thai baht, or deposited in a foreign currency account with an authorized bank, within seven days from the date of receipt or entry into the country. An application form F.T. 3 or F.T. 4 must be submitted to an authorized bank for each transaction involving the sale, exchange or deposit of such foreign currency in an amount exceeding US$5,000 or its equivalent.

Repatriation of Funds

Repatriation of investment funds, dividends and profits as well as loan repayments and interest payments thereon, after settlements of all applicable taxes, may be made freely Similarly, promissory notes and bills of exchange may be sent abroad without restriction.

Thailand's Board Of Investment (BOI) provides the above information. For more detailed information see the BOI's website at .


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