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The Revenue Code outlines regulations for the imposition of taxes on income. Thailand divides income tax into three categories as follows:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Taxes (or Specific Business Taxes)
  • Personal Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Incorporated firms operating in Thailand pay income tax at a rate of 30 percent of net profits. Foundations and Associations pay income taxes at a rate of two to 10 percent of gross business income, depending upon the activity. International transport companies face a rate of three percent of gross ticket receipts and three percent of gross freight charges.

All companies registered under Thai law are subject to taxation as stipulated in the Revenue Code and are subject to income tax on income earned from sources within and outside of Thailand. Foreign companies not registered or not residing in Thailand are subject to tax only on income derived from sources within Thailand.

Value Added Taxes

Under the new tax regime, value added at every stage of the production process is subject to a seven percent tax rate. Those who are affected by this tax are: Producers, providers of services, wholesalers, retailers, exporters and importers. VAT must be paid on a monthly basis.

Personal Income Tax

Every person, resident or non-resident, who derives assessable income from employment or business in Thailand, or has assets located in Thailand, is subject to personal income tax, whether such income is paid in or outside of Thailand. Exemptions are granted to certain persons, including United Nations. officers, diplomats and certain visiting experts, under the terms of international and bilateral agreements.

Thailand's Board Of Investment (BOI) provides the above information. For more detailed information see the BOI's website at .


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