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Why the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui?

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"Tropical, exotic, unspoiled, heaven, paradise, coconuts, pleasure, friendly, beautiful beaches, sunset, smile, magic." those are only a few words being used to describe Koh Samui.

Samui is Thailand's third largest island and the biggest of the Gulf of Siam. It is probably as much heaven as you can get.

An island of coconuts, white beaches with crystal clear water, Chalk Mountains, friendly people and only one hour away from Bangkok by flight.

Why Now?

For the last 15 years Samui is a main tourist attraction, but lack of public infrastructure and basic facilities prevented many foreigners from coming.

Everything has changed during the last few years. Being aware of the growing potential of Koh Samui, the government and smart investors invested time, efforts and money. And as a result transportation, roads, sidewalks, water, electricity & telephone lines are available.

Many resorts and hotels were built or upgraded. More and more people discover the potential of this tropical exquisite island as a perfect place for vacation and more than that for investment and.living.

There is no official estimate, but some say that the international community is already approaching the 5000 figure.

Land and houses are in great demand, construction costs are very low, designs and materials are accessible and most beautiful, costs of land in good locations at variable sizes are still inexpensive, and this is only the beginning. Prices are still considerably lower than other locations in Thailand, e.g. Phuket.

Consider the above and you have the answer why Koh Samui.and the timing is now !!!

Important Tip:

Make sure your preferences and priorities are according to your budget.

Remember that as a rule, proximity to a beach and sea view in good location is main factor in market price. Laws of supply and demands are working overtime.

Being aware of that will help you to make a wise and quick decision and join the Samui investors' community at the right timing.


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